About AAF

About Asia Agile Forum

Agility is important as its helps you to change ways quickly whilst keeping balance, strength, speed. Agility is not just about the speed with which an individual can change way but it’s also defined by the grace and fluidity of effort. With a great deal of practice, everybody is capable of being agile.

With the same vision, we are pleased to announce the launch of Asia Agile Forum, An agile forum dedicated to the Asian agile community and its culture. Culture affect the way Agile takes roots in any business and the cultural imageries are different in every continent, Asia Agile Forum would try to influence these very cultural synergies that occur between the developing countries of Asia and explore mutual grounds for Agile and Lean practitioners in broader Asian viewpoint cutting across industries.

This high- caliber, high-value forum would energize the Asian agile enthusiasts in the region to embrace, implement, and execute Agile in their business. This premier forum is suitable for all levels of agile awareness and promises to be a stimulating opportunity for global networking.

Core Principles behind Asia Agile Forum

  • Quality OVER Quantity: we believe in staying small and providing a comfortable experience to the participants. It’s never about how many talks we can incorporate into the program or how many participants we can meet. It’s about building a strong, maintainable community.
  • Zero Marketing: You cannot pay to get a talking slot. Forum talks are never sold to promoters. All talks have to go done our public submission system.
  • Respect Privacy: The forum participant list is never sold or given to promoters. We respect and protect your confidentiality.
  • Equal Platform: Each of us might have our preferences/thoughts, but we ensure, we deliver an equal opportunity platform to everybody, who wants to present at the forum.
  • Moderately Priced: We strive actually hard to make the forum reasonable. Our aim is to ensure that attentive participants should be able pay out of their pocket, without having to depend on their corporation for sponsorship.
  • Networking:  you will learn as much (if not more) by meeting other specialists, making connections with them, sharing your ideas, and building a solid community.

 Key Highlights of Asia Agile Forum 2016

  • 8 SEUs and 7 PDUs credits per city.
  • A blend of keynotes, short presentations, and breakout discussions
  • Sessions from experienced coaches, trainers, enterprise level transformation agents and expert practitioners
  • Focused sessions on topics like Scaling Agile, Offshore Agile and Distributed Agile, Agile Release Planning and Agile Leadership. Asian culture is different from rest of world.